Daniel Strom is a pioneer of the eclectic, nonconformist, and philosophical approach to watchmaking. It all began in the early 1970s, in his father’s workshop, the renowned watchmaker and master in skeletonized timepieces “Armin Strom”.  His craftsmanship aroused great interest in Daniel each day while spending a great amount of time with Armin. This brought about his future profession. When choosing a career, Daniel initially opted for commercial education. After acquiring experience in various sectors of economics, in 1989, Daniel finds his path into watchmaking, where he took upon the buyer position at watch giant OMEGA, thus in charge of the procurement of watch cases and bracelets, as well as monthly purchase planning for more than 600 watch components. After having acquitted experience in this significant department, where he had become acquainted with all components of the various watch lines, the Product Development Department was set up in OMEGA where Daniel immediately applied. He was then appointed as the very first Product Manager, in charge of the Seamaster and Speedmaster product lines. His first task entrusted was the development of the new Seamaster line. The “Seamaster Professional Automatic” model was chosen by film producer Barbara Broccoli and first worn by acting legend, "Pierce Brosnan", in the smashing franchise James Bond's “Golden Eye”. This became the very first, epically acclaimed "James Bond 007 Seamaster “watch. Following this success, Daniel worked on other distinctive models that have since become OMEGA classics and helped to take the brand to the next level in terms of products. Another exemplar was the coveted "Michael Schumacher Speedmaster". Two limited edition models whose dials were developed in Ferrari's original "Glasurit" colour codes of Red and Yellow. For this motive, Daniel Strom explains that when OMEGA took upon as testimonial Michael Schuhmacher, who had previously won two consecutive world championships with the Benetton team, following a contract with Ferrari. During the transition, OMEGA was not permitted to conduct any marketing connections between its ambassador Schuhmacher and Ferrari. However, to draw attention to this fact, with a wink, they launched the two Schuhmacher Speedmaster models in distinctive Ferrari colours.

Daniel continued his career at OMEGA, being promoted to "Brand Manager" for Switzerland’s market by Nicolas Hayek in 1996. Later followed the German and Austrian markets as well. In the total of 11 years at OMEGA, Daniel was taught watchmaking from the ground up. "I was very fortunate to work at OMEGA at a time when we were all involved in the resurrection of this watchmaking giant. This journey was in close personal alliance with Nicolas Hayek and Jean-Claude Biver, who were the best mentors I could imagine."

Daniel then felt the urge to realize himself and go his own way. In 2001 he founded the brand “STROM” and in 2004 incorporated "Strom Swiss Prestige Timepieces AG" in Biel/Bienne, in which he wanted to carry on his family legacy, bring his ambition into a new era and follow the urge of turning watches into jewellery and jewellery into art. Shortly after the institution of the company, his father Armin Strom joins forces, together they created a partnership company "Strom & Strom GmbH" to further develop the already well-known brand "Armin Strom” timepieces and to realize joint private label projects with customers from all over the world.

In 2006, after a partnership of the Armin Strom brand with outside investors, in 2008 Daniel Strom gives his resignation to the company to pursue his initial path of “Strom Swiss Prestige Timepieces AG” to remain happily independent. Daniel and Armin are still very close in their father-son relationship, and both accept that it was crucial to go their own ways in order to preserve family ties... 

Today the entire Strom family is involved in the company, his lovely wife Rosanna Strom is in charge of accounting, son Loris Strom is responsible for product development and manufacturing. Daughter Alexia Strom focuses on marketing tasks and social media. Both Loris and Alexia descending 3rd generation of the STROM watch brand. The legacy of the Strom family thus remains for the next generations to come…


The force of the STROM brand, consists in a tradition of three generations in watchmaking.

The force of the STROM brand, consists in a tradition of three generations in watchmaking.

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