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Carpe Diem

(Latin: "Seize the day"))

I am Daniel Strom and I founded "Strom Prestige Swiss Timepieces" in 2001. Not so much out of the blue, but from the heart. I had plenty of experience. It was instilled in me from birth, because I was born into a dynasty of watchmakers. I started out as a Product Manager at Omega and many years later held a top position under Nikolas Hayek. I learned about the clock and watchmaking industry from the bottom up. Everything including marketing, innovation, design and fine jewellery craftsmanship. James Bond, 007, was my child - what I mean here is the watch that Omega launched at that time. Needless to say, I am just a little proud of this. But I still felt the urge to move on.


Daniel Strom


Rosanna Strom

Cruizing Time

Cruizer Collection


In 2004 I asked myself the question "What should my watch look like?" So I created the Cruizer Collection. My own watch, bearing my name: Daniel Strom. And the name says it all. In other words trademark, brand name, cruizing - all under the name of Strom. That was the birth of the "Cruizer Basic" model. A black and orange coloured quartz chronograph with a carbon fibre dial.

A Swiss Made watch, with the finest high-tech materials as the main imperative: anti-glare on both sides, domed sapphire glass, dials and straps made of carbon fibre with high-quality stainless steel folding clasps. What's more, the strikingly perforated, 1960s racing driver-style leather strap is hand-coloured. But more of this later.


The Cruizer Collection

Our strengths in this segment are as follows: long service life of models, independent design and unique in the marketplace. A winning combination of a sports watch and a lifestyle watch.
Vision: firstly, the design and material mix will be further developed. Secondly, a system simplifying the replacement of individual components will be developed, so that individual adaptations can be created and production costs lowered.
Target group: 18 – 55 years old, sporty, loves life, interested in motor sport, motorcycle and car enthusiasts.
Distribution: expansion of Swiss operations to include up to 30 dealers that act as independent distributors and, in line with our sales strategy, products will be available via our online shop. Also, the relaunch means we can develop foreign markets.
Pricing: prices are down-to-earth and correspond to the intrinsic value of the product. Our prices are still somewhat lower than those of our competitors.



Independent / Handmade / Authentic

Agonium Collection


Tick tock, tick tock and suddenly it's 2010. I had the idea of not only creating watches offering high levels of technology and design, but I also really wanted to make something completely new: a watch that reminds the wearer, each and every day, that it is important how you use the time allotted to you between birth and death - in other words in your lifetime. I wanted to meld fine jewellery craftsmanship with philosophy. This resulted in a piece of sculpture for the wrist - a "watch sculpture" which also happens to tell the time.

That marked the birth of the Agonium Collection. Right from the start, this collection was included in the American art book "The Curated Collection, Skull Style, Celebrating Skulls in Contemporary Art and Design" (ISBN 978-0-9830-8316-0). For me, this was a kind of accolade. And this resounded like a clap of thunder throughout the industry, because it was a first! It was absolutely new. According to the trade press, someone had gone completely out of their mind in a fantastic way. In the meantime, there are now five Agonium families. The name "Agonium" comes from Roman times and refers to festivities when animals were sacrificed to the gods. In addition, all Agonium models are design-protected in Switzerland by the "Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property".

The Agonium Collection

This collection is completely unique. There is no competition!! Our watches are hand-crafted works of art. Like a piece of sculpture on your wrist which also happens to tell the time. And our strength is that we really are able to respond to each and every single customer request. And long may this madness last!
Vision: here again, we continue to develop designs and material mixes. We have an H.R. Giger Memoriam watch in preparation. We are also developing a diver's watch with a tourbillon movement. And one which actually goes rusty: transience is combined with exclusivity and luxury.
Target group: 30 – 99 years old, likes rock music, motorcycles, classic cars, music in general, art, entrepreneurs and collectors with esoteric tastes.
Distribution: there are five dealers in Switzerland. And one each in the USA, France and Mexico. There are two in Germany and five in Japan. Further expansion is also planned in Asia: we are currently in negotiations with a contact in Singapore and have already signed an agreement with a new partner in Korea. We also take part in exhibitions and trade fairs: Baselworld (Switzerland), England, Las Vegas and Hong Kong. And new B2C is being generated thanks to special events.
Pricing: prices are downright reasonable for watches crafted by hand. We offer a one-of-a-kind product without any competition from CHF 9,999.-. which means that established brands will now have to put on a brave face.


Competitors Agonium

STROM Agonium


This is jewellery which matches our Agonium Collection design. Hand-made in Switzerland, either in 925 sterling silver or 18 carat gold. The range includes rings, pendants, chains, belt buckles and cuff-links.

Agonium cross
jewellery1 jewellery2 jewellery3 jewellery4 jewellery5


Viso Eyewear

Top-quality, hand-crafted, horn-rimmed glasses with silver detailing. This product range was presented to the general public for the first time in 2016. These glasses also match the Agonium range. They are going to be marketed via a distributor to top-end opticians all over the world. Things are just getting started where this range is concerned.

Where's the meat, Daniel?

Share packages

The pioneering company now has to switch over to the next phase. And that requires money. I am looking for people who know our time is limited and therefore want to be a part of something that gives them pleasure for the rest of their lives.

Basically, I'm looking for partners, or better still: cruizers, fans, watch freaks, bikers, enthusiasts, friends, jewellery lovers and "Agoniumists" who want to join me in moving our company into the future.

The expansion of the company should be financed for the time being with an injection of funds of CHF 2 million:

Firstly: increasing share capital from CHF 100,000.- to CHF 200,000.- using the company's own resources.

Secondly: increasing it by a further CHF 100,000.- to CHF 300,000.- by means of equity crowd funding.

In other words: 100,000 shares each with a nominal value of CHF 1.- to CHF 20.- will be issued.
That gives a share premium of CHF 19.-, making together: quite simply CHF 1,900,000.-.

The following share packages are available:

Package 1:

CHF 1‘000.-

50 shares @ CHF 20.-/unit

Package 2:

CHF 5‘000.-

250 shares @ CHF 20.-/unit

Package 3:

CHF 10‘000.-

500 shares @ CHF 20.-/unit

Package 4:

Package 3


Your benefits

What benefits do our shareholders get in addition to the shares?

The shareholders of the 3 standard packages become members of our


Members of this club get the following benefits:

  • The buyer of Package 1 can purchase one watch from the Cruizer Collection with a 40% discount.
  • The buyer of Package 2 can purchase two watches from the Cruizer Collection with a 40% discount or one watch from the *Agonium Collection with a 20% discount.
  • The buyer of Package 3 can purchase three watches from the Cruizer Collection with a 40% discount or one watch from the *Agonium Collection with a 25% discount.

*Excluding all Agonium watches in gold, the tourbillon, models decorated with rhinestones and the “In Memoriam HR Giger” model. These purchases must be made within a year, otherwise this offer will expire.

Those shareholders who would like to make a greater financial commitment, i.e. buy several packages, will become members of our


In addition to discounts on watches, members are given the following benefits:

  • The right to pre-order all new products and special purchase conditions
  • Can act as watch testers for new timepieces (go into the draw)
  • Attend a special event at least once a year

And Strom ... Cruizer and Agonium ... ?


The Cruizer Collection has been available on the Swiss market for 10 years. Since the Agonium Collection was launched, however, its presence has diminished and sales have slackened, because resources have been more focused on the Agonium Collection. Things will be different in future. My son, Loris Strom, will manage the Cruizer Collection and bring it into the spotlight once again: with a classic relaunch!

We have outgrown all of Switzerland's borders with the Agonium Collection. And have become well known in other countries near and far. Currently, sales have levelled off at 1/3 Cruizer and 2/3 Agonium. The trend towards niche brands and true values, such as authenticity and identification, promises us a bright future, if not a very bright one. Apropos the future, here and now: we are stable and debt-free.

Here and now - today:

Become a partner of STROM Prestige Swiss Timepieces Corp.


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